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Enzyme Defense™ PRO

Enzyme Defense™ PRO


Supports the immune system.*


  • First line of Defense against harmful invaders
  • Featuring Scientifically Supported Proteases & Serrapeptase
  • Proteolytic, Fibrinolytic & Mucolytic enzyme combination formula
  • With Vitamin D3
  • 2018 Award Winning Immunity Product


Enzyme Defense™ Pro is Enzyme Science®’s highest potency proteolytic formula. In combination with Vitamin D3 & lysine, this unique powerful enzyme formulation is designed to support immune health thru the proteolytic, fibrinolytic and mucolytic actions of these catalysts.* 


Proteases are capable of breaking down proteins that are dead, damaged or don’t belong in the blood to encourage optimal health and wellness.*  The mucolytic properties of Mucolase™ eliminates excess mucus to ease congestion and promote easy breathing.* Scientific evidence demonstrates that the proteolytic enzymes Nattokinase and Serrapeptase can support healthy circulation and speed the body’s natural recovery process from compromised tissue.*


Enzyme Defense Pro was honored with the 2018 Immunity Essentials Award by Taste for Life.

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