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An advanced proteolytic enzyme blend to support physical recovery.* 



  • Vegetarian proteolyic enzymes for muscle & joint function*
  • Includes Rutin to optimize mobility*
  • Targeted-Delivery capsule 


Myomend® consists of a high potency, therapeutic blend of enzymes, including nattokinase and serrapeptase.  When your body is overexerted due to physical stress, muscle and joint function may be compromised due to physical discomforts.


Myomend contains a unique blend of proteolytic enzymes that work systemically to help break down damaged proteins, speeding up recovery and promoting flexibility and mobility.* Rutin is known as a vital phytochemical which serves as an antioxidant and is associated with improvement of physical fatigue.*  In combination, enzymes and rutin naturally accelerate muscle and tissue repair and provide optimal wellness.*

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